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 My name is Ari Kelly. I am an Oracle.  I was told by the Divine that I was an Oracle in my past incarnations.  I am clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient. I am a certified Level 3 Master Teacher/Healer. My Reiki Lineage is from Diane Stein.  I am a pure angelic channel.  I communicate with the Archangels, Spirit Guides, deceased loved ones, Guardian Angels and the Great God's consciousness. I am a clear channel of the Divine Light. I channel messages and wisdom of  Archangels and Great God's consciousness.  


I have over 9 years of experience.

My personal Team of Angels is here to help you and heal you. 


  • I get direct messages and instructions from the Angelic Realm. I do not guess around. I hear them and I feel them.  I never know ahead of time what the Angels will be talking about and whom they are going to bring to the conversation. I was gifted by God to be able to hear, see the Spirit World and heal. I started to feel the presence of the Angelic beings in my childhood. Over the years my gifts of seeing and hearing got more enhanced. 


  •  I deliver divine messages from the Spirit world verbatim which means I will let you know what Spirit World wants you to hear not what you like to hear. 

You are at the crossroad here. Once "Angel's wings" touch your shoulders, your life will never be the same. If you open your heart to the Angels they will fill it with love and many blessings. Over time your life will improve, that is what happened to me. They are here to help you and to guide you. 

So many miracles took place in my life thanks to the Angels. Children grow up and stop believing in miracles. I have never stopped believing. When I was in my twenties my dear father died. I was devastated, emotionally and physically destroyed. All of a sudden my life lost any purpose. I fell into deep grief for many years till the Angels called me forward and helped me to get healed from my grief and now I am able to speak to my father's soul and to have a beautiful conversation with him. 


Another miracle took place when one of my cats was passing away. I was able to speak to her soul and her soul told me that her body is no longer healthy enough and she desires to reincarnate. She gave me a detailed message on how to find her, when she will get reincarnated and how she will look. With the help of my team of Angels and her soul, I was able to find her again when she was reborn, which was three months after her passing, exactly what she said to me, she passed away on August 19th and she was reborn on November 19th. It was an amazing experience, thanks to my team of Angels. 


I can go on and on about how many miracles took place in my life once I opened my heart to the Divine. And now I am here to help people. I always enjoyed helping people. Compassionate nature of my soul is to serve humanity, helping them in their life journeys.


Spiritual Healer, Messenger, Teacher, Certified Reiki Master Level 3


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