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You will receive a detailed channeled Angelic answer to your 3 questions. Getting accurate readings is the job for both parties. You must allow me to read for you and trust me. When you allow and trust you open the door for the energies to pass and unfold so that I can tap into your energy field, because of your great intention you will be rewarded by receiving a very accurate reading. I deliver a divine message from the Spirit world verbatim which means I will let you know what Spirit World wants you to hear not what you like to hear.


Letter questions are a great way to get answers in writing of personal questions that you want answered quickly.  The questions should be about 30 words or less. Pick one area - Love Life, Health, Career, Finances, Social or Spiritual and ask your question.You cannot ask questions regarding missing persons or ongoing criminal investigations.  Those must be handled with the law enforcement officials directly. Once you have purchased your questions please go to Submission Page to provide your questions.  


Then allow 36-48 hours before you receive your answers via email. 

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