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Frequently Asked  Questions


Reiki Energy Healing:
Reiki Energy Healing is a simple, non-invasive, natural and safe method of spiritual healing. It is based on the idea that one can connect and channel the powerful universal life energy and use it for healing.
Because our bodies are fundamentally made of energy, and are not solid, as they appear to our five senses, any physical discomfort or dis-ease is a result of a disharmony in the body’s energy field or an uneven energy flow of the body’s life force. Therefore, Reiki energy healing treatment is very powerful as it goes directly to the root of the problem. The disease is the symptom and the disharmony of energy is the root cause.
In  treatment, there are various ways in which the healing occurs. One of these ways is where the healing energy will activate, increase, and speed up the body’s natural ability to heal itself. This will ease physical discomfort or illness, and/or, will speed up recovery from an injury or dis-ease. Another way is where once the energy enters the body, it focuses on an affected area or areas, where there is an accumulation of “stuck” energy that needs to be released, or, it will “adjust” any uneven flow of energy that is either too fast or too slow back to its healthy and natural speed.
Important facts to remember in ANY holistic healing:
First, understand that healing does not mean, “cure”. Know that sometimes we humans must experience and go through certain challenges, which can include traumas or physical and emotional suffering as a part of our growth, our spiritual journey, or any karmic debt we owe. Therefore, this universal powerful energy can help for example ease the transition between life and death, but cannot necessarily prevent the death. That being said, for those who are gravely ill, energy healing treatment can prolong life or enhance the quality of life until death.
Second, keep in mind that conventional medicine has its own importance in our lives as human beings with physical bodies.

Healing Disclaimer: REIKI ENERGY HEALING is an energetic healing tool. It is not a replacement for medical treatment. Please consult your physician for medical issues in addition to any healing you receive. 


Reading Disclaimer:


Ari delivers Divine Messages from the Spirit world verbatim, which means she will let you know what Spirit World wants you to hear not necessarily what you like to hear.


Ari cannot guarantee specific results. The Divine Angels always work for the highest good and for the highest intention and they create the most beautiful and positive outcome.


Ari never knows in advance what the Divine Angels will be talking about, whom they will bring to the conversation and Ari have no control over their words and what they desire to deliver. She is just a vessel for them to come through her to deliver messages.






There are 34 Laws of Universe, and one of them is The Law of Interference. What does this law mean? 

Imagine you were going to watch a very interesting movie but your friend already watched that movie and he told you all about it. Now your experience of enjoying that movie for the first time is spoiled. You will not have that experience. It is similar concerning healing; if your soul is using the experience of the sickness for some other benefit then we can’t heal you unless you and your soul will give us your permission. If we did then we would not only be infringing on the Law of Interference, but we could be depriving you of a greater experience that your soul had planned and possibly one that you were meant to go through. Illnesses can teach people some very important lessons for their soul evolution. The fact that you are here demonstrates that you already have a desire to be healed. It would greatly assist the healing if, before your healing session, you would please say out loud, “I am allowing myself to be healed.”   Meanwhile, we will ask your soul to accept the healing as well.  No matter what, the Angels have let us know that the healing light is always beneficial for the recipient even if it is not used for the receiver’s stated desire. You can never absorb too much light.

Be in peace.



Reading Services

I know how difficult it is to share personal information about your life with someone you’ve just met. That’s why I believe that trust is an essential aspect I work hard to maintain with my clients. In order for you to feel prepared for your reading, feel free to take a look at the following questions and answers below. They will help you feel relaxed before your reading. Feel free to contact me if you’d like to receive further information.

What is your role in a reading?

Stay relaxed, spiritually open, trusting of the process, and do not think too much! Validate the information that Ari channel for you. Be open and honest during the session. Although Ari understands that some people who have had a bad experience with readings in the past may have lost their trust in the process or in mediums, try to avoid “testing” or confusing Ari. It is counterproductive because it interferes with the natural flow of the channeling, disrespectful to the process, and to both Ari and more importantly to spirits.


Can a reading predict the future?

It depends! In many ways, predicting the future has to do with us and our pro-activity in actions, beliefs, and willingness to change. And so spirits can certainly help inspire us to create a positive future for ourselves, but due to our own free will they can not predict our final decisions and actions. Having say that however, sometimes in readings, when spirits know that certain information is necessary for the sitter to hear, they will reveal some predictions about the future.



Will a specific person come through in a reading?

There is never knowledge as to who specifically is going to appear in a reading, and no medium can ever predict if a certain person will come through. Often, however, the one who you are expecting is the one that comes, but it also may be someone else! Spirits are wise in regard to how they need to utilize the reading, and so whoever comes through with whatever message is what you were meant to experience.



What can I do to prepare for a reading?

At the day of the reading, try to be in an uplifting mood, spiritually open, and certainly not stressed out. If you are having a phone reading, make sure you are in a quiet, secluded place. Do not have your session while driving or drinking coffee in Starbucks. This will drastically impact your reading. Also make sure the phone has a good reception so that the line is clear.




Can I record the reading?

No worries! This is included with your session. Your session will be recorded by Ari and will be delivered to you in MP3 recording via email for you to review!



How often can I have readings?

The best is to have a reading twice a year. If you need one sooner, then you can get a follow up reading after waiting a minimum of six weeks because in general, readings are most effective when things are allowed to unfold.



Reiki Healing  Services


What does it mean Worldwide Reiki Distance healing? 

It does not matter where you are in the world. Every person is just a doorway apart in the field of energy. We are able to focus on your energy signature, therefore you will be able to receive your healing. 



How to prepare yourself for Reiki healing? 

At the day of your appointment please make sure you take your time to relax. It is preferred that you lay down during your healing session to ensure you will get all the benefits of healing. Make sure you choose a quiet room of your home or office where you can deeply relax and receive your healing. You might fall asleep after your healing session, which wil

l also be beneficial to you.



What to expect from Reiki healing?

Every result will vary respective to the individual.  You may not feel anything different on the first day, but it can take place on the second day or third, so be prepared. You may notice a shift later that day, or a day or week later. You might wake up one morning and your back suddenly has no pain anymore. Or your arthritis pain seems to have disappeared. Or you experience a sense of peace that you have not felt in a long time. Benefits can include clarity, more vitality, peace of mind, more life energy into your body and mind, acceleration of your personal evolution. You might experience emotional imbalance and crying can be one of the reactions because your body received healing light and light always shines on your own shadows and an emotional release may occur. REIKI ENERGY HEALING also helps to get rid of old emotions that no longer serve you. So do not worry, think of it as a blessing, a great opportunity to renew yourself for a better life experience. Emotions can get trapped in different parts of our bodies and the longer you keep them the more damage they can project to your well-being. In some cases, emotional clearing can take longer than you anticipate. After a few days of your session if you still feel that you may need additional help then please email us so we can schedule another healing session for you.



What is Reiki Energy Healing?

REIKI ENERGY HEALING is an energetic healing tool. We are all energy and we all have our own very unique energy signature, which allows us as healers to connect to and radiate a healing energy of love to one’s body even from a distance. We become a beautiful vessel of healing love energy that is focused by use of the receiver’s energy signature. Because we are all very unique and we are all on different paths of our Earthly Life Journey, then every healing experience will be different for every person. It will depend on your belief system, on your soul desire to be healed, on your own will and desire to be healthy. It works somewhat the same for our pets, for example, Ari's beautiful cat Olivia did not want to get healed and her soul was rejecting healing for some time, even though Ari have talked to her soul many times asking to accept a healing. On the other hand, Ari's dog Laska who has some genetic health issues did and does accept healing, in fact, she loves the healing energy and she gets excited every time she receives it. Animals do feel healing energy even more than humans.


What does it mean "Night Angelic Healing"? 

Night healing means that you will be receiving your healing during your night time when you are sleeping. This is also a very potent type of healing because when we sleep our human mind stops, takes a break from analyzing, worrying, doubting and so on and it contributes to a better healing. Same goes for our beloved pets. We suggest you go to bed no later than 10 pm for the full healing to occur. 



What is the difference between Reiki Healing for a Person or Reiki Healing for a pet? 

There is no difference in healing modality. The only difference would be the mindset of the human who often desires to analyze everything, have belief systems, doubts, and worries or the mindset of a pet who rarely subjected to those human mind characteristics, which sometimes allow them to have a better outcome from healing. Unless the soul desire of your pet is to remain sick for some time or leave this Earthly life experience. But nevertheless, healing energy still can be very potent for their soul evolution, the same is applied to human's soul evolution. 



"Messages from the Spirit World" service?

Ari does not predict the future.  Future can always be changed by your free will. Ari delivers divine messages from the Spirit world verbatim which means she will let you know what Spirit World wants you to hear not what you like to hear. 




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