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New Message from Archangel Michael and the Archangels of the Highest Order

Greeting to you beautiful one, I am Archangel Michael. I am here to bring you my message forward.

Greetings to you beautiful people of planet Earth.

Beautiful ones, at this time of your planetary time you are experiencing great shift of consciousness. You are experiencing the great transitioning from darkness to light, allowing the light anchor on your planet Earth creating positive cause and effect on your whole planet in general.

Indeed not all people are embracing light, some souls choose to continue experiencing darkness. It is all right. Every soul has its own path, its own purpose. Yet you see more and more people are waking up to the Light.

We are celebrating their beautiful steps towards light. We see darkness is looking for escape, as the energy of darkness is getting weaker on your planet. That is why it is bringing you more challenges, giving you a chance to wake up to Light.

There is an exchange that is taking place between darkness and light. You are allowing darkness to guide you to the light. So here darkness has its purpose.

As souls are getting more used to Light, slowly souls are gravitating away from darkness seeking more Light. We are encouraging you to seek more light in your everyday life. This is important now to be focused more on light not on darkness.

It is time for all people who made their choice to transition to light, to choose light to be their main focus.

You are already aware what dark ones do. Now allow your body frequency to be tuned to Light. Why it is so important now? The dark ones are planning to bring more challenges to people who are not embracing their own god, goddess consciousness. That is why we are asking you to be in your center point of light. Every morning allow yourself to be filled with light. See yourself taking Light Shower, emerging your beautiful body temple in Light.

Allow light energy to bring you joy, peace, harmony and love. Become a beautiful container of joy and love so that you can share that love and joy with others allowing them to feel those lighter emotions lifting them up. They need them too. Visualize people smiling, bringing joy to each other.

Joy has a very powerful vibration. it is carrying the vibration of purity and innocence. It is time when you fight darkness with joy and knowing the Light that you are carrying within is more powerful than darkness.

You are powerful beings of Light.

Use your own light to create the beauty for all.

Do not be focused on negativity. Negativity has a tendency to accumulate in your temple bringing you challenges. Choose Love. Choose Joy. We are the Archangels of the Highest Order. Peace be with you.

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